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From the start of your planning voyage, you will be directed by our expert assistance, thoughtful design, and attention to detail which will help ensure the experience of planning is as enjoyable and stress-free as the big day itself.

From planning, venue selection, invitations, floral design, vendor curation, or a little bit of everything, we customize our offerings to meet your needs, ensuring your events unfolds seamlessly.

Our Expertise

Event Planning

We thrive on creating extraordinary events, and seeing them through to flawless finish that result in lasting memories. Our events are raved about time and again, because every facet of the experience speaks the same language. The start to finish planning process is masked with a harmony of services to create an environment full of enthusiasm, punctuality and poise.

Event Design

We make it our top priority to understand your story, vision and sense of style. Inspiration comes from multiple sources, and combined with creative detailing, your event will become a brand in itself. It's unreasonable to put décor, a DJ, and food in a room and call it a wedding. To us, that is simply a fancy dinner party. We carefully intertwine our couples character traits, personalities and family preferences into the event and by the end, you will have a magical environment—rich in details and unexpected moments… one where your guests will never want to leave.

On-Site Logistics

We love helping with all logistics of your event, the contracts you’ve signed, the nitty-gritty of all the work you’ve put into a event. We make sure that all of your hard work pays off and is executed as flawlessly as possible. On the day itself, we handle anything that may happen with any and all of your vendors, this way you don’t have to. Having an issue with your photographer, DJ, even Maid of Honour, we help with it, fix it, and move on to the next part of the night so you don’t have to. Anything that comes up throughout the planning process of your event, we handle it! As we love to explain it, we’re your event-day insurance so you don’t have to worry about it.


Day of Coordination
We'll Give You a Hand

Are you a couple who panned most or all of your wedding, but now you would just like help tying everything together along with the reassurance that all the little details are in place for the wedding you have dreamed of then day of coordination might be the service for you. 

We've got you covered!

Partial Event Planning:
We’ll Work Together

​Are you a couple who started planning by finding your venue and booking some of your vendors but are feeling overwhelmed by the entire planning process and need assistance with the remainder of the planning? Don't worry! We will pick up where you left off and handle all the details going forward!

Full Event Planning:
Leave It to Us

From concept to creation, we are here to guide you through every step of the planning process with the highest level of personalized service. We listen carefully to your inspiration and obsess over every detail to understand your event’s needs and elevate the locale you fell in love with. We take pride in creating one of a kind atmospheres that are exquisitely beautiful, meticulously planned and perfectly executed.


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